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tv   9 News Now at 9am  CBS  January 20, 2010 9:00am-9:30am EST

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a second earthquake. haiti is rocked by an early- morning aftershock which shook remaining buildings and renewed fears among victims. the man wanted in the shooting deaths of eight people in central virginia surrenders. a political tip. the election of a republican senator in massachusetts upset the powerful democratic majority on captiol hill. i'm angie goff in for andrea roane. thanks for joining us. today is wednesday, january 20th. patranya bhoolsuwan is standing by with your traffic but first we begin with our forecast with howard bernstein. good morning, howard. >> good morning, angie. things are quieting down. we had a little rain and it was cold enough and turned in to rain and sleet and a little snow. i have a picture of upper marlboro we will show you in a while. right now temperatures are above freezing in more are
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pennsylvania and western maryland. it is a good thing we were above freezing because when we have the sleet and rain first if we were below freezing that would have created all sorts of problems. on live doppler hd we are watching an area of showers and mainly rain to the south. there might be a little sleet mixed in a few spots but toward la plata and south of la plata now on 301, over to dahlgren, we are watching some of that activity here. especially as you head west across the river over to stafford and goldvein and out west toward wilderness and fredericksburg shortly. that's about it. what we are expecting for today, the day at a glance, not quite 40 yet. we're at 38. showers are just about over. a lot of clouds and maybe a peek of sunshine and high of 45. patranya bhoolsuwan is in with the traffic. >> good morning, everybody. definitely watch for the wet roads as you head out there. watch for traffic as well and an accident to tell you about
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here. drivers on the capital beltway, on annapolis road, there is a delay that is slow from 95 to georgia this morning. check out the bw parkway, actually the map. we want to show you these delays because all of those red cars mean big problems from 32 to the beltway to route 50. you are going to be below speed on that stretch. heading though the district this morning, no major problems but traffic is picking up as you head approaching third street tunnel at this hour. and finally, 95 through 395 and as you can see crawl along the way. back to you. >> thank you. a second strong earthquake has hit haiti shaking buildings and sending people running in to the streets. the 6.1 magnitude quake hit 6:03 this morning. the epicenter was roughly 35 miles northwest of the capital city of port-au-prince. this comes as the island nation struggles to keep the peace. looting and violence have increased as people are forced to find food and water for
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themselves than and their loved ones. the united nations committed to send 3500 troops to beef up the security. aid continues to stream in from around the world but survivors are not getting it fast enough. >> we need the help. nobody has come to help. >> have you have you seen any food deliveries or anything like that? >> nothing. we have to go out and fight ourselves. >> reporter: 180 aircraft stuffed with supplies are being allowed to land. many planes are being turned away because it is too crowded. the group doctors without borders says a plane loaded with life-saving medical supplies was denied landing access three times. they claim it led to five deaths. we want to remind you that george clooney and wyclef jean will host a hope for haiti telethon here on channel 9 and keep up with relief efforts anytime at there you will also find a banner on our home page with info for making donations for
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earthquake victims. in the news now, virginia police confirm the suspect involved in a shooting in appomattox, virginia is under arrest. police say he turned himself in around 7:10 this morning hours after they say he shot and killed eight people. whit johnson has the latest. >> reporter: 39-year-old cristopher speight surrendered to authorities this morning without shots being fired. >> it was near the patrol car, i'm sorry, near the crime scene and he actually physically approached law enforcement on the scene and turned himself in without incident. >> reporter: through the night, police used search dogs and thermal imaging equipment to look for cristopher speight. they say he fled in to the woods on tuesday after shooting and killing eight people. all of whom authorities believe he knew. the manhunt started after one of the victims was found lying by the side of the road. >> when the deputy arrived on the scene, the deputy heard several shots that were fired. >> reporter: four more bodies were found outside of nearby
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homes. three other victims were inside. at one point during the chase, officials say cristopher speight fired at a police helicopter nearly taking it down. this mass murder has sent shock wave through the tight knit community where people were told to lock their doors and stay inside. >> i have been here a long time and never heard anything like this. >> it has never happened before around here. it is a fairly quiet neighborhood, you know. >> residents want to know why it happened. police have yet to release a possible motive in the case but it is sure to be one of many questions in the investigation. whit johnson, cbs news, appomattox, virginia. today mark the first anniversary of the obama administration. one year ago today, an estimated 1 million people lined the national mall for president obama's inauguration and parade. 12 months later the administration finds itself fighting a political war over health care, still trying to find its way out of a recession and fighting two wars overseas
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with an increased presence in afghanistan. as that country's government has taken a major step to helping the u.s. interest. earlier today a joint panel of afghan government and u.n. officials have agreed to increase security forces to 400,000 over the next five years. the country currently has only 94 police officers and 97,000 soldiers. in a stunning blow to the democratic party, republican scott brown has won the late ted kennedy's senate seat. brown defeated martha coakley who was once considered a shoe in. her loss is a major set back for president obama and his party. they no longer have enough senate votes to push through health care reform on their own. later today senate democrats are scheduled to meet to figure out how to salvage the health care reform bill. one idea calls for them passing a senate bill they don't fully support and another promises to make changes to the bill later on. republicans say brown's victory
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in massachusetts means the health care overhaul should be scrapped. the white house party crashers have been invited to testify on captiol hill once again. in just under an hour they are expected to attend a hearing on the house homeland security committee. it will focus on the secret service and protecting the president. the dc city council is considering a bill which would legalize medical marijuana. if approved, if the bill will implement a 1998 initiate approved by dc voters. the legislation would allow dispensaries to distribute one month's supply of marijuana to patients or their caregivers. a similar bill is being considered in the commonwealth. virginia has a statute that allows it for treatment for cancer or glaucoma. however, it is still against the law to distribute the drug. this bill would change that and make possession of small amounts of marijuana a civil offense rather than a crime and increase the amount a person can possess without being considered a drug dealer.
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the pictures we have all seen from haiti have led many of us to donate to the relief effort. how do we know our money is going to those in need. douglas gansler will answer that question. and some high school students perform community service by taking aim at the growing waistline. you are watching 9 news now. stay with us. hey hi
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students in clinton, maryland are tackling the
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growing rate of obesity. during the next three months they will serve their community by encouraging their neighbors to live a healthy lifestyle. it is part of a semester of service. it was founded by the -- funded by the united health care heros. >> it's one thing when you are cooking your own food and exercising for yourself. maybe you want to look good or whatever, but when you take that outside of your own personal space and look out for your peers and your family members and your community and your school, you are then engaged in community service and you are engaged, you are civilly engaged. >> reporter: the school's health service program commenced with a celebration on global youth services day. check in with howard bernstein. a busy man this morning. >> yeah, we had a little rain, sleet and snow, not expecting it this morning. thankfully we were above freezing when it happened.
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today in the middle 40s. cooler than the last qume of days. tomorrow is when a bigger storm system heads this way with the cold air in place. late tomorrow in to friday. talking about a wintry mix probably ending as a touch of snow there. temperatures only in the mid- 30s for the high on friday. but this afternoon, mostly cloudy, cooler than it has been. 5 # 45. winds from the north at five to ten and the sunset 5:16 this afternoon. cloudy tonight, flurry and sprinkles possible mainly south. yesterday we were worried about light snow but the moisture will slide south of us. and then tomorrow, cloudy in the morning. light rain or mix developing late in the day. highs this the upper 30s, northeast winds. it developed and came across the district. what is left of it is south of town. you can see it live on doppler hd. a few showers in st. mary's and mechanicsville and across the river we are watching the
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activity from charles county north of fredericksburg here. you can see it south of stafford and heading out to goldvein and south of culpeper. we're just about done with it for today. show you the picture. this was e-mailed to me from upper marlboro. just enough snow and sleet. wind chill of 33 and a northwest wind at seven. one storm here. another piece of a storm here and yet a third storm here. they are lining up and bringing moisture our way and that's why with the colder air in place we are worried about snow and sleet and freezing rain and even rain tomorrow night and friday. seven-day forecast, shows a pattern of the next storm coming on thursday night, friday. only this in the mid-30s and another chance of rain as we head to later on sunday and sunday night. temperatures at least staying above freezing. jessica, over to you. >> thank you. back to the amazing upset victory by scott brown for the
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senate seat. maryland attorney general douglas gansler is a colleague of the defeated candidate martha coakley and he's here now to share your insights. thank you so much. >> good to be here. >> you nomar that coakley and you can give us insight in to what is going on. a lot of people in the party are saying she's a weak candidate and that is why she didn't recommend and others say it is a referendum on health care. >> i think it is the latter. she's a wonderful, smart person. she's moderate, extremely popular in massachusetts. that's why she blew through the primary, beating a bunch of congressmen and so forth. this is nothing to do with her. if people want to blame the candidate, they are kidding themselves. these three states have one thing in common, a referendum on what is going on nationally here in washington and that's i think the democrats are going to see more of this to come in november if they don't start to change the message from washington. that's what is going on here. a national deal and nothing to do with martha coakley.
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>> reporter: what happens to martha coakley at this point? she has the same job as you in massachusetts. what happens to her now. >> we got elected at the same time and both up for re- election this november. she will put herself on the ballot and is popular amongst the democrats in massachusetts. i imagine she wouldn't have a primary challenge but this could taint her. what washington is doing is throwing the blame on her and making her somehow seem like a bad person when she rose through the ranks as one of the most respected ags in the entire country. she is in charge of tobacco litigation which is one thing that got ags on the map. i think she will be fine. being a woman candidate is a dicey deal any way but i think she will survive that. >> let's talk about you. you are up for re-election. what's your thinking right now? >> i think it is a wakeup call. people have to understand that in maryland we are going to see what we saw in massachusetts, new jersey and virginia. i think i'm different because i'm a pro business censurist
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moderate democrat. i think i'm in the middle where most people are and so far i don't have an opponent so we are doing a good job and it is up to the voters but it is a good process and a good thing to go through every four years to reach out to the voters again and see where we are. but i'm confident we will survive this. >> reporter: let's switch gears now. haiti relief. there's been an outpouring of support of donations from 100 million to $200 million depending who you ask but there are also scammers out there. you have warnings for folks about that. >> extraordinary times and crisis brings out extraordinary knuckleheads. there are people so insuddennous they would take advantage of auation like this. we are seeing a lot of scams where people are trying to take advantage of the bereavement and the sadness of americans and saying, give money here and there. and we just want people to be
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careful. there are legitimate funds there to help people in haiti. that's what we need to do. if people want help you should be able to do that. groups you have heard of and reaching out to instead of virus versa. most people don't have a long lost relative that lived in nigeria that left them millions of dollars. don't respond e-mails that come to you. go out and look at legitimate sources. i believe channel 9 has some on their website and if you want to donate money do it that way. don't take unsolicited phone calls or e-mails and respond to them. >> reporter: have you found situations where the money donated is being funneled away from causes in to potentially people's pockets. >> that's the second type of thing people need to look at. one is scams where they have no intention to give the money to the people in haiti and look at the group what percentage of the money you are giving will actually land in haiti versus
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administrative costs or something like that. that is important. so go to the legitimate groups that have done this before, know what they are doing and contribute money in that fashion. >> i guess charity navigator would be a good source for folks looking at those fees. >> that's right. >> in terms of maryland do you have a situation going on with judges right now? >> what i'm trying to do this year is go to the legislature and make a bill which will put on the ballot in november the notion of getting rid of elections of judges. there's three things driving this. one thing is we don't want to politicize people who ought to be impartial by definition. it shouldn't have to go to the democratic or republican club and say if a drug dealer comes, report, i'm going to lock away and throw away the key. and campaign contributions to judges in the supreme court last session can judges take money from people who appear before them and the third issue is where we have a problem in
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maryland is minority judges on the bench. we have 24 jurisdictions. two are majority minority. and the other 22 jurisdictions, minority judges are appointed by the governor and lose almost without exception around the state. >> we'll have to leave it at there. >> thank you for having me. >> we are in the kitchen preparing a japanese steak house flair with a chef from benihana. interesting grooming.
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morning early birds. unisom. good night. good morning. your mother probably said never play with your food but our next guest think different. thanks for joining us. what do we have here. such a beautiful spread. lawyer like let's have fun. what are you going to show us today? >> she's going to make -- >> okay, that's what our viewers want to know. it is intimidating when you look at sushi and think there is no way i could do a masterpiece like that. let's go through the steps. what do we start with? >> the rice will be actually mixed with vinegar and vinegar will be having salt and sugar.
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>> so it gives it a little flavor. >> yeah. >> and you can do this in a rice cooker or also on the stove. >> yeah. >> sheets of seaweed, you can get that at any asian food market and even whole foods i believe sometimes sells it. >> so a nice spread of the rice, flipping it over. >> and a piece of avocado and she will put the crab meat. >> you are lining up and making a spine in the middle of the ' weed and adding cucumber, sliced cucumber. it doesn't have to be thin sliced and rolling over. >> this is a certain type of mat. >> yeah. you can buy it at the asian supermarket. >> i have seen it on the internet. if you were to google make sushi it shows you the tools to
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purchase and they are rather inexpensive. >> and here we have tilapia white fish and she will put the tuna. >> and this is called the rainbow roll because we are using a variety of fresh, raw fish. we have a minute. >> and you are really showing how quickly this can be done. >> yeah. as quick as possible. >> so that's yellowtail. and salmon and you are going to need a piece of foil paper. >> or star ran wrap. >> wrap it up. >> get your mat out again. >> right. >> nice good tight squeeze. >> and then we will cut. >> okay. you start in the middle with the cut. >> eight pieces. and you have so many different
9:25 am
kind of fish at benihana. you can have a tasty variety of it. >> ened looks wonderful and you can go anti-fish and just do vegetables. there you have it eight pieces of fresh sushi in less than three minutes. an amazing job. we will do the best part, taste test this when 9 news now returns. stay with us.
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we're pretty much done with the showers, rain sleet and snow this morning. we will be cloudy today and 45. tomorrow 39 with afternoon and evening and a wintry mix will develop. rain sleet and snow again. friday's commute could be messy. saturday looks good and more rain returns on sunday afternoon. >> icey and dicey. >> let's talk delicious from benihana. they are joining us showing us how easy it is to make your own sushi rolls at home. >> and ida, real quick.
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the dinner show is located at bethesda and dulles. >> and. >> great. >> have a great day. you can find out more information at
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